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Smart PDU (I-PDU, Intelligent PDU)

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Smart PDU

Smart PDU(Power Distribution Unit) provides a stabilized power distribution and builds database about power usage and carbon emission of equipment which gets supply of power through Power Distribution Unit.


  • Managing power source of the operating equipment
       - Capable of managing the power source of the used equipment through PDU’s Power ON/OFF function
       * Total/Group/Outlet level
  • Monitoring and controlling power of the used equipment
       - Monitoring and controlling power through UI(User Interface)
       - Can measure power usage and carbon emission per minute at the least time
       * Total/Group/Outlet level
  • Easily transported and expanded by docking function
       - Devices are composed with 12 ports and 8 ports outlet each
       - Can dock the two devices to expand up to 20 port - Can easily separate the docked PDU to transport
  • Analyzing carbon emission and energy usage information through control system
       - Can analyze carbon emission and energy usage with real-time information shown on the control system


Access Security
Web User Interface



Voltage: AC 220 ~ 240V
Current: 30A
Frequency: 50~60Hz

Voltage: AC 220V

Current: 30A
-Max 15A: Outlet #1 ~ #12
-Max 15A: Outlet #13 ~ #20
Size: 64mm x 1,725mm x 55mm
Size: 64mm x 1,725mm x 55mm
Line cord: 5m
Outlet: 20 ports (Max), IEC320 C13
Required Environment
Temperature: 0 ~ 50℃
Humidity: 30~70%, RH Noncondensed


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Smart PDU -I-PDU- Intelligent PDU-

Smart PDU -I-PDU- Intelligent PDU-